Cooling Water Curtain Paper Core For Breeding
  • Cooling Water Curtain Paper Core For Breeding
  • Cooling Water Curtain Paper Core For Breeding

Cooling Water Curtain Paper Core For Breeding

Brand herm

Product origin made in china

1.Corrugated paper has high intensity structure,corrosion resistant,long service life.
2.Fine percolating and absorbing water to ensure water drip wet the wall.
3.Specific stereoscopic structre. It can provide the largest evaporation surfacearea for heating exchanging between weater and air.
4.Outer fnane can be altermative of aluminum alloy and galvanized boand.
RS cooling pad system is finished in the core-RS paper packing plate. There is a thin water fim on the surface of corrugated fiber paper,whenthe dry heating air outside is crossing the paper packing plate absorbed by wind machine,the water on the thin water film can absorb the heat ofair and evaporate into steam, then the cool and humid air can enter the room after teeatmen. The nature peocessing is just like wind blowing onthe water level.
Ventilatim fan and cooling pad,best efficient and economic temperature drop measure in summer.

Cooling Water Curtain Paper Core For Breeding

l Use new material and advanced space crossing linking technology, high absorbability, high water-resistant, anti-mildew and long service life

l The product contains surface active agent, natural water absorbability, fast pervasion speed, lasting effectiveness. 

l A drop of water can diffuse in 4-5 seconds. Height of absorb :60-70mm/5 minutes, 200mm/1.5 hours , achieving international standard.

l Strict production as per standard, width of 600mm cooling pad involves 85 sheets; raw material adopts kraft paper(95-105g/㎡, thickness:0.18-0.20mm, tension resistance at 70N, absorbability height as 45mm/10min , moisture at 5-8% , humidity at 18N)

l Products don’t contain Phenol or any other chemical substances which easily makes skin allergy.Non-toxic and harmless to human body during installation and using. safety , energy saving, environmental protection and economic applicable.

cooling curtain paper for breeding

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