Micro exhaust fan
  • Power Vent Attic Fan

    Power Vent Attic Fan

    Product Features 1). The product is composed of plastic ram, impellers, low-noise motors and other components. 2). The motor is an external rotor motor, and the protection level is: IP54. 3). Low noise, large air volume, stable performance, convenient and quick installation, and good sealing performance. 4). Compact structure, reliable work and convenient maintenance. 5). When the wind starts, the hood opens upward under the action of wind pressure, and the fan starts to work. 6). When the fan stops, the hood closes the air outlet by its own weight to prevent rain and snow from entering the room. 7). The products are widely used in horticulture planting, livestock and poultry breeding, enterprise workshops and public indoor activity places for ventilation (exhaust hydrogen, heat, humidity and other dirty gases). Material: ABS anticorrosive plastics Diameter of mounting hole: 40 cm

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  • Small Exhaust Fan

    Small Exhaust Fan

    HERM series High class fan is mainly made up of blade,Centrifugal Opening Device,motor,outer,frame,protecting nets,supporting frames,shutters.It is made based on aerodynamic,effectively reduce the wind resistance.The major parts are made of galvanized steel sheets and Stainless steel sheets.All the products are widely used in various types of buildings as farms,greenhouses,factory building.

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